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Large slabs

What can you do with large slabs ?

Using this new concept that combines light weight and technical performance, it is now possible to create genuine products or installations with the added benefits that come with ceramic technology. The very nature of the material also lets designers apply each of these possibilities in indoor and outdoor environments to develop smooth, curved and even backlit surfaces.

It is possible to create products or installations with a new concept of lightness and technical performance thanks to the superior performance given by ceramic technology.

The large slabs becomes a source of inspiration for designers. It creates beautiful, functional, modern and original objects that make daily life special. The colours of decorative elements made with the large slabs, together with its lightness, allow innovative uses of the material for a contemporary approach to design.

With the large slabs, you can give new meaning to objects and provide added value to the spaces where it is used. Design is expressed through excellent craftsmanship that requires materials that are appropriate to the task and, for this reason, it’s the ideal solution for implementing an idea and a design.


Large slabs

Design your slabs

DYS, or rather “Design your slabs”, is the new and revolutionary technological service promoted by Iris Ceramica Group, which allows for the reproduction of any image or illustration on ceramic surfaces.
In Design Your Slabs, designers, architects and artists who want to let their imagination run wild on large ceramic slabs find their first genuine ally. DYS breaks down barriers to ensure that creativity takes centre stage.The Design Your Slabs system decorates any size of slab, whether traditional, large slabs or custom-made, for unique personalisation every time. Every detail, every decoration, every inspiration finds space
on surfaces that reproduce any idea and ensure unique performance.Metallic effects, bright colours, photographic or artistic reproductions: DYS offers countless possibilities to those wanting to express their creativity via products. Indoor and outdoor cladding, but also furnishings, can now be personalised according to customer’s tastes, translating his/her aesthetic preferences into reality. Design Your Slabs offers unlimited application contexts: from large covered spaces in a residential or commercial environment, to external walls, building façades and even urban design elements.
You are free to define the details of your project by contacting the experts in our labs at any time, for a result that fully meets with your expectations.