4 decorative ideas to use the tiles that you haveleft after installation

That’s it ! Your tiling is installed, your rooms finally look complete and even have that little sleek and modern look so much sought after … But now you have a whole other problem on your hands! What to do with the tiles that you have left? Too beautiful to throw away, too bulky to store indefinitely, you need a solution. We have found 4 decorative ideas for you to transform your tiles into unique objects and decoration!

Warning: Before transforming your tiles into a design and useful object, you may find it useful to put a few tiles aside! You never know: if a tile breaks or cracks, you’ll always have a spare or two to replace it.

Decoration idea # 1: Create a designer table


Your garden or even indoor table deserves a good makeover … With your tiles that are left over, you have enough to achieve a most elegant transformation. Indeed, you can cover your table with tiles to give it a new life.

To do this, you must:

– Measure the tile, make sure it is sufficient to cover the surface of the table

– Obtain a plywood panel of the same thickness as the tile

– Laying the tiles – Leave to dry for at least 48 hours

Decoration idea # 2: Create original coasters

A perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, create coasters from your spare tiles. If you can cut them (or have them cut), why not create a geometric shape such as a hexagon?

To do this, nothing simpler :

– Cut out your tile (or leave as is as long as it’s the right size for a coaster)

– Lay on cork, let dry and use them! CAUTION : Pay attention to sharp angles!

Decoration idea # 3: Create a mosaic mirror

They make you dream and soon, thanks to your tiles, they will be able to adorn your bathroom mirror at a lower cost! Create a mosaic for your mirror yourself by following these simple steps:

– On a flat surface, cover your tiles with a piece of fabric

– Using a hammer, break your tile into small pieces. They will become the pieces of your mosaic.

– Laying and gluing step: assemble and create your own mosaic from these pieces. You just need to put them around your mirror.

The ideal tile for this project : the Onix Mosaics collection

Decoration idea # 4: Create geometric shapes

To dress up surfaces that you find empty (shelves, flowerpots, etc.), simply create geometric shapes.

With tape, create the shapes you want on the tile.

Then, using special markers, trace the shape created from the scotch tape.

Our tip: use metallic colors for a modern effect

The ideal tile for this project : A neutral collection like the Fahrenheit collection.

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