6 reasons why you should integrate porcelain stoneware in your spaces

Not to be confused with stoneware rock, porcelain stoneware is what you might call a super-material. Waterproof, incombustible, resistant to abrasions, water, heat and wear , porcelain stoneware is a material of incredible quality. Discover here all the reasons why you should adopt porcelain stoneware now:

1. Porcelain stoneware is hard and resistant

Product of a mixture of pure materials such as clay, kaolin and feldspar, porcelain stoneware combines all its strength and multiplies it when fired at high temperature (around 1,200 о C). This results in a hard material with foolproof resistance. Indeed, neither wear, nor shocks, nor chemical and climatic abrasions can overcome a porcelain stoneware tile.

Geometric porcelain stoneware tiles from the Musa + collection

2. It is waterproof

This extreme temperature firing also ensures low porosity in porcelain stoneware tiles. Thus, the rate of water absorption is quite minimal. Result: No more worries about moisture and mold, your porcelain stoneware flooring will last a long time even in the humid summers of Mauritius.

3. It is non-combustible

Porcelain stoneware is flame resistant without any problem, which makes it very safe in the event of an accident. Also useful in summer, porcelain stoneware does not absorb heat even on the hottest days. In tropical countries like Mauritius, porcelain stoneware tiles can ensure a cooler and more comfortable summer.

Tiles from the Marmi Maximum collection by Granitifiandre

4. It can take on the appearance of several materials

A true chameleon, porcelain stoneware can take on the appearance of the most beautiful materials: rock, concrete, wood, marble… .It perfectly imitates the finest grain, wood grain, and even the characteristic stripes of marble to offer you the best of noble materials without any of their drawbacks. Porcelain stoneware tiles are also available in several colors, shapes, finishes and sizes (Granitifiandre’s Maximum collection offers you, for example, tiles ranging from 300 × 150 cm!). Highly customizable, porcelain stoneware is your decoration ally!

Stone, marble, wood… Porcelain stoneware takes on the appearance of several materials

5. It is versatile

Floors, walls … porcelain stoneware goes on all surfaces and in all rooms of the house. In the kitchen, it does not stain easily; in the living room, it does not creak under the weight of the furniture; in the bathroom, it does not absorb water. What’s more, it can even be used outdoors!

Porcelain stoneware used to create islands and paths in a garden

6. It is easy to maintain

Porcelain stoneware does not stain easily, and since it absorbs almost no liquid, is very easy to maintain. No need to spend hours scrubbing your floors or finding a powerful cleaning product. A little water and Marseille soap are sufficient.

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