Clearance at Entrepôt de la Pierre: Take advantage of it!

Eh yes ! From March 02 to 09, take advantage of discounts of up to 50% on a selection of Entrepôt de la Pierre products! You who wanted to renovate your spaces, who are in a creative mood – you now have a whole week to choose a high-end product at an exceptional price! To guide your choice, here is a quick reminder of the different types of tiles that we offer:

Porcelain stoneware tiles with wood effect, marble, stone and waxed concrete

Most of the collections we offer are made of porcelain stoneware . Resistant to shocks and scratches, it is a material that has many advantages and that will stand the test of time. In addition, porcelain stoneware can reproduce in an almost identical way the appearance of materials such as wood, stone, marble or even concrete.

Tiles with a noble character

Soft colors, a slightly rustic appearance and visible textures full of charm… all these assets are united in our more noble collections, which give an old charm and luminosity to the rooms they dress. If you were looking for timeless elegance, you will find it in this type of collection. Use these tiles to create pieces from another era or work on your decoration to create a more contemporary look.

Tiles inspired by nature, very refined

Want some sobriety, to invite all the sweet richness of nature into your home? Our clean collections inspired by natural elements will satisfy the nature lover in you. Ideal for minimalist styles, we have made these collections our trademark. Their neutral tones reminiscent of rock or even large rivers offer you a real feeling of freshness. It’s up to you to decide what to do with it: leave the material alone or use it as a starting point for a much more elaborate style.

Original tiles, full of creativity

Also discover our unusual tiles: colorful, pop, with original cuts that you will not find anywhere else. If you’re headed for a more offbeat and less classic style, know this: we’ve got you covered. While remaining of a sure taste, our more whimsical collections will dress wonderfully your spaces, giving them that little touch of originality so much sought after which makes all the difference. Use them to express modern or even post-modern style.

Tiles for swimming pool coverings

Enjoy the assured elegance of a Stone Warehouse product even outdoors with our pool tiles . Bright and colorful, they give vitality to your outdoor spaces, highlighting the beauty of your pool.

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