Dare to use original tiles!

The purified spaces are not to the taste of everyone … If you want to stand out and create staggered spaces that would not find elsewhere, you are exactly right! Yes, dare an original tiling! To not get lost in your ideas, take advantage of these tiling tips to create original rooms:

Opt for a 3D trompe l’oeil effect tile

Be careful not to get dizzy with this type of tile! Modern as you wish, these tiles often play on a pronounced geometric aspect to create a 3D effect. Result: it reveals a whole different facet of your spaces! Like a puzzle, these enigmatic tiles will captivate the attention of all your guests.

How to use it: Above all, you have to be careful not to overload the part. You risk distracting from your tiling or creating visually overloaded rooms.

Tiles from the Color Studio collection

Dare … the original shapes

There are other forms of tile besides the classic square or rectangle. The hexagon, the honeycomb, the triangle, the chevron… Here you have something to break the traditional codes of interior decoration! These shapes will infuse your surfaces with dynamism and modernity.

How to use: Take care not to overload the room that will host these tiles, especially if the tiles are different colors like the ones pictured.

Harmony Inspire tiles

Dare … original textures

If you are looking to stand out, to create a style that will surely be noticed, then turn to the Magneto collection.

With a beautiful metallic finish, it takes on the appearance of cement and creates spectacular grainy surfaces.

How to use it: This brilliant collection speaks for itself! Be careful not to introduce other shiny elements into the room and to match the colors you will use your tiles.

Magneto Collection in “Gold”

Dare… two different tile collections!

The bet seems risky, but the game is well worth the effort! On the same surface, lay two types of tiles from two different collections, with different inspirations. You can start tiling one part of the room with wood-effect tiles… and finish the other part with stone-look tiles!

Thus, you will be guaranteed to have unique floors. But why stop at ground surfaces? Why not also dare to use wall tiles for ever more original spaces?

How to use it: Make sure that the colors of the two tiles are complementary. Also dare to play with textures for ever more unique spaces.

Photo by: www.archzine.fr

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