Fiandre introduces new colours

Italian brand Fiandre Architectural Surfaces has expanded its premium Marmi Maximum tile range, adding nine new colours.

The Marmi Maximum porcelain tile series is informed by the world’s finest marbles. Among the new additions is Nero Damascato, a dark marble with bold gold veining.

Marmi Maximum is available in nine new colours including the dark Nero Damascato
Also included is Divine Blue, a cobalt shade that Fiandre describes as « deep and nuanced » and Lepanto Rubino, a burgundy tile with milky veining.

The other new colours are Bardiglio Sublime, Breccia Mirabile, Calacatta Dorato, Cremo Superiore, Grand Carnico and Majestic Onyx.

Marmi Maximum tiles by Fiandre Architectural Surfaces
Other new shades in the range include Bardiglio Sublime and Lepanto Rubino
The Marmi Maximum tiles are available in large and standard formats ranging from 300 x 150 centimetres to 75 x 37.5 centimetres.

The large-format tiles have a thin profile making them ideal for not only cladding spacious areas but creating elements such as bathroom furnishings, countertops, sliding doors, movable partitions and seating.