How to adopt a refined and modern interior decoration?

The sleek style is enjoying great success at the moment and for good reason: it frees up space and lets the room breathe, giving an impression of grandeur even to the most modest surfaces. Thus, this minimalist aspect brings a very particular harmony to a space, inspiring a feeling of well-being that one hardly finds in more crowded rooms. The ideal solution to the space problems of the 21st century, the refined style is at the very heart of modernity.

Take advantage of our advice to transform your spaces:

Declutter and get to the point

To create a clean room, you must first get rid of the superfluous: furniture, decorative objects and other trinkets that have no real importance or use. They clutter up the space without, in the end, adding much. It is only after this crucial step that you will be able to compose sober spaces, of modern inspiration. We invite you to discover the Marie Kondo method to have a better idea on how to proceed. Natural light

It all starts with natural light . It sublimates and enriches a refined decoration, dressing the free space with a beautiful golden glow. Organize your decoration around it, since you cannot change the direction of the light coming from. Find those places that the light touches and place your furniture there. Above all, do not obstruct the light source: do not place your furniture in front of your windows or sliding doors. So bathed in light, your spaces will not need much to shine.

Tiles from the Yosemite collection


Tiling is an element that takes up a considerable place in your decoration. Since you will have fewer objects in your surroundings, your tiling will stand out more , hence the importance of choosing it well . Our tip: opt for light-toned tiles that will reflect natural light and contribute to a feeling of grandeur. Naturally inspired collections with gentle chromatic variations will also help you give your surfaces that sleek and modern air.

Our pro tip: Choose large format tiles, like those from the Aster Maximum collection, to give your spaces greater fluidity.

The furniture


We were telling you: you have to separate yourself from heavy and bulky objects and furniture is the first to be affected. First, get rid of decorative furniture because it takes up too much space. But don’t worry about the decor: your uncluttered room and its few but high-quality elements will be more than enough . When it comes to storage, try attaching shelves to the wall instead in order to conserve floor space and thus make the room even larger.

Shapes and colors


To achieve a clean style, you need to choose your color palette wisely: limit yourself to a few colors only. And for those who want a more radical change, why not try the monochrome look?


While remaining sober, bring relief and richness to your spaces by mixing different shapes and materials. Combine angular shapes with rounder or slender ones, for example. Do not hesitate to combine cold materials (metal, glass or even concrete) with warmer materials (wood or leather) to bring relief and diversity to the material.

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