Tiles: Our favorites 2019

Wood, stone, marble, limestone effect… discover our tiling favorites! All inspired by natural elements, you will certainly find something to cover your spaces in a sober, elegant and designer spirit. What is more, these collections are all made of porcelain stoneware and are therefore undoubtedly resistant.

The Fjord collection

Collection stone look, the cold nature of Fjord charmed us: its relaxing neutral colors, its sobriety … It can thus realize all your decorative visions, from the most refined to the most elaborate. For example, combine the color Black Fjord with a dark gray wall for a minimalist monochrome look. For a more elaborate decor, the Fjord tiles then serve as a base on which several other decorative layers are placed.

The Fjord collection is available in the sizes 120x60cm, 60x60cm and 60x30cm and also in a semi-gloss finish.

The Yosemite collection

Yosemite showcases the all-natural charm of limestone rock. It is this simplicity that delighted us: its sometimes grainy, sometimes streaked appearance gives it that much sought-after strong character. In the Lake version, the Yosemite collection is soft, in a soothing gray that lends itself perfectly to a more minimalist decor. In Park tone, fall under the spell of a slab with sanded color and texture. In the Rock version, find more raw tones and texture, which will enhance a more chic and monochrome decor.

Available in 90x90cm, 60 × 60cm and 30x60cm sizes, Yosemite tiles are all the more versatile.

The Columbus collection

Its 6 different tones have seduced us all: marrying the character of wood with surprising modern colors, we would never have thought that wood could be so versatile. And yet, Columbus offers bright tones: pink, green, blue, white. Unexpectedly, the visual rendering is of rare aesthetic value.

Best of all, these tiles can be used indoors as well as outdoors, both on walls and floors, and even for your shower ! Versatile, functional, of a rare style, the Columbus collection brings together everything we love!

The Marble Lab collection

The different tiles reproduce with precision the veins, striations and undulations typical of marble and depending on the desired style, you can direct your choice towards lines with more or less intense chromatic variation.

The Taxos tone, for example, sports soft grain and a luminous color.

Calacatta Statutario, on the other hand, has denser veins and conveys a stronger character.

Find Marble Lab tiles in size 120x60cm, 60x60cm or in 60x30cm with glossy or semi-gloss finish.

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